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EMS Sport Muscle Stimulator Tones

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation Tones,

Strengthens, Re-Educates and Increases Muscle Bulk

Your road to an athletic body the electric muscle stimulator SaneoSPORT helps with targeted muscle building You have tried numerous fitness programs – without any success? Or you regularly work out and are looking for the ideal supplementary training? The electric muscle stimulator SaneoSPORT effectively supports you with targeted muscle building!

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Whether on the couch while watching TV, during a walk or while reading – the EMS Training with the electric muscle stimulator SaneoSPORT is possible on the aside in almost any situation and therefore provides an ideal, time-saving addition to your personal workout. In other words, with the electric muscle stimulator SaneoSPORT you can significantly increase the extent and the intensity of the workout. There is absolutly no physical exhaustion and stress on the joints during EMS training. The best effect with the electric muscle stimulator SaneoSPORT is achieved when you support the electrical stimulation by random muscle contraction and relaxation.

The results of the training with the electric muscle stimulator SaneoSPORT may not only be well-formed muscles but also firmer skin. An attractive appearance and thereby, increased self-confidence can awake unimagined energy! Give yourself a nudge - you shape your own future!


  •     20 programs (2 with individual settings)
  •     8 self-adhesive, reusable electrodes
  •     (50 x 50 mm, 50 x 90 mm, 4 pieces each)
  •     2 separately adjustable channels for medicating several body regions
  •     easy-to-use
  •     incl. clip for fixing at belt
  •     large display for good readability
  •     timer function (automatic turning-off)
  •     comprehensive safety features
  •     high quality accessories
  •     incl. 9V quality battery
  •     certified medical product

Supplied complete with the following accessories

  •    1 x Instruction Manual which includes electrode placement
  •    2 x Patient Guide
  •    1 x 9v P3 Battery
  •    1 x Self Adhesive Electrode
  •    1 x Self Adhesive Electrode 5x5cm
  •    1 x Self Adhesive Electrode 9x5cm

SaneoSPORT Application frequency and Stimulation intensity

You can use SaneoSPORT several times a day if required, provided no side effects occur, such as skin reactions. Please also take into account that if the programs are used too often, especially the muscle build-up programs, they can lead to acidification of the muscles, just as with overzealous active muscle training. This is commonly known as sore muscles.

EMS training using the SaneoSPORT is most effective when it is used to supplement active sport and muscle training, and if you support the contraction phases of the muscle build-up programs by active muscle contraction.

You should clearly feel the current or stimulation intensity, but it should not be an unpleasant sensation and certainly not painful. When using the muscle build-up programs, you should adjust the stimulation intensity so that a contraction of the stimulated muscle is clearly visible.

In order to get the desired training effect, you should gently increase the stimulation intensity over time. Every muscle group should be trained at least twice a week (better more often) over at least six weeks, using the respective muscle build-up program.

Perfect preparation for training sessions
- through targeted warming up with the SaneoSPORT training device

Warm up Programme

 1. Warm up I
optimally prepares the muscles for unfamiliar sporting activities. Activation of the blood circulation and stimulation of the metabolism significantly improves the contraction capability of the musculature.
2. Warm up II
causes a dense capillary network to be formed around the muscle fibres.

Muscle training for a sporty body
- special training for individual parts of the body

3. - Chest / shoulder musculature, upper back musculature
4. - Front and back upper and lower arm musculature
      (incl. biceps, triceps)
5. - Straight and oblique abs musculature,
      lower back musculature
6. - Buttocks musculature
7. - Thigh musculature
8. - Lower leg musculature

Support for active sports training

9. - Aerobic endurance training
10 - Anaerobic endurance training
11 - Strength and speed traiining
12 - Expolsive strength training
13 - Crosstraining

Training follow-up

14. - Relaxation
15 - New strength
16 - Stretching

Pain Relief

17 - Pain relief
18 - Pain relief

Individual muscle training
... with user-definable programs

u1 and u2 are muscle build-up programs that can be individually adjusted and that include different fixed parameters, and others that can be configured according to your requirements (e.g. pulses per second, pause time, program duration).

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